Sitemap - 2023 - Feature Presentation

Sacha Baron Cohen Day! FPodcast: Borat (2006)

Pick Your Fonda Day!

Pedro Pascal Day! The Mandalorian Saved My Star Wars Fandom

Zoë Kravitz Day! Adaptation Examination: High Fidelity (2000) and (2020)

Jackie Chan Day! Y2Kidz: Jackie Chan Adventures (2000-2005)

Courteney Cox Day! Rerun: Scream 2 (1997) Is the Best Scream

Jamie Foxx Day! His Great Acceptance Speech and the Love of a Grandmother

Pick Your Apatow Day!

Colin Farrell Day! 20th Anniversary TLDR: Daredevil and Phone Booth (2003)

Cameron Diaz Day! Y2Kidz: Shrek (2001)

Denzel Washington Day! 4K Review: Training Day (2001)

Pick Your Coppola Day!

Michael B. Jordan Day! Review: Creed III (2023)

J.K. Simmons Day! I Finally Watched Whiplash (2014)

REMINDER: Movie Star March Madness Begins TOMORROW!

Cut the Cord: Movie Star March Madness

The 5 Essential Boxing Movies

Announcing Movie Star March Madness!

Vince Vaughn Finale: Queenpins (2021), Documentaries, Superlatives, and Season 2 Announcement!

Y2Kidz: The Tigger Movie (2000) and Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey (2023)

The A-Listers Talk About Titanic (1997)

Staff Picks: 1973

What Does 'Velma' Want?

Vince Vaughn Rerun: Wedding Crashers (2005)

Y2Kidz: 100 Years of Disney! Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Blu-ray Review: The Frisco Kid (1979)

10th Anniversary TLDR: Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Football Movies: 80 For Brady (2023)

VV #39: North Hollywood (2021)

Y2Kidz: Chicken Little (2005)

FPodcast: Knock at the Cabin (2023)

Cut the Cord: Numbers

The Under 700 Club: Nate Bargatze: Hello World (2023)

VV #38: Freaky (2020)

Y2Kidz: Eight Below (2006)

Top 10 SNL Cast Members

Review: Missing (2023)

VV #37: The Binge (2020)

Y2Kidz: Club Penguin (2005)

20th Anniversary TLDR: The Core (2003)

FPodcast: The Circle Season 5 (2023)

Taylor’s Favorite Musicians (Who Just Happen to Be More Famous for Acting)

TLDR: Alice, Darling (2023)

VV #36: Arkansas (2020)

Y2Kidz: 100 Years of Disney! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

FPodcast: Top 10 Movies of 2022

10th Anniversary TLDR: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

Beth's Top 5 Favorite Prestige Shows

VV #35: Fighting with My Family (2019) and Seberg (2019) with Jess Rolland!

Y2Kidz: Those We Lost in 2022

The A-Listers Talk About M3GAN (2023)

Taylor Watches Rom-Coms: Vol. 2

Cut the Cord: 2022

20th Anniversary TLDR: Matchstick Men (2003)

Y2Kidz: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022)

Fleishman Is in Trouble Review: We’re All in Trouble