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Britney’s Headed to Broadway

Spider-Man 2 Is the Best Comic Book Movie of All Time

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Horror Remakes That Are Better Than You’d Expect

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My 2nd Annual 24 Hour Movie Marathon

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Choosing and Predicting 2021 Oscar Winners

Concrete Cowboy and Other Black Westerns

A (Very) Brief History of Godzilla and King Kong

The Biggest Problem With the Original Cut of Justice League

Haiku Reviews #1

I’m Glad I Waited So Long to Watch Some Iconic Films

Hollywood’s Worst Remake? Rollerball (2002)

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

It’s Time to Stop Idolizing Monsters

We Spent All Day at the Movies

My Bloody Valentine: 40 Years Later

The Land Before Time: A Primer on Grief

Six Pigskin Flicks

The Politics Behind ‘Attack on Titan’

Easy Rider: Communion in the Wilderness

Selling Sunset’s Sole Sympathetic Character

Kurt Cobain In His Own Words

Four Films to Pair with One Night in Miami