I really enjoyed the categories here. Easy to follow and quick trivia that I can reference. I'm making my kids which all the preceding Indy films prior to watching so ya know, it'll be a while before we get here. Good stuff. Will link over to this from my post on "The Bear" as I called out this movie as one I was looking forward to seeing!

Random trivia: I'm a huge Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) fan and I read over the weekend that George Lucas nixed the idea of having one consistent female partner for Jones. Instead, he said each movie should introduce a new female protagonist and love interest. Spielberg protested and initially had wanted his ex wife, Amy Irving to play Marion in the original. Well, ironically his future wife Kate Capshaw played the female lead in the 2nd film, "Temple of Doom" - Anyways, should we be really peeved at Lucas for such an obvious oversight and mistake?

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I think it's a fine idea on a paper, they just struck chemistry gold with Allen and Ford.

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